Multi-format collection of «a song for Theo’s animals» consists of 30-minute documentary film, a fragment of a video diary, two video loops, music video and a condensed documentation of the performance recorded in the pavilion Cosmos on July 11, 2014 during the exhibition «Kinetic life of sandy beaches»

by the Dutch artist Theo Jansen.



Each form is independent, the video reveals a given task form. The project is an artistic research, as well as recycle and intervention into «an exhibition life».

On the one hand – a volunteer position at the exhibition, documenting the events.

On the other – the introduction of personal interpretations to the existing context.


The documentary film task is to show not the romantic side of Theo Jansen works, but the everyday realities surrounding the exhibition space: supervisors and security guards problems, migrant workers... staff and visitors. The narrative

is from the first person.


The task of the music video and two video loops is to operate the «digested» volunteer experience from the exhibition and further flirtation with the context.

To show the absurd mess of characters: the exhibition venue, as circumstances and other factors specific to the entertainment genre, which in turn inspired by the style of the exhibition – a populist, entertainment.


Performance «a song for Theo’s animals» plays a reflexive role

of the artist/musician. Part of the release is available online for free watching,

the film «Probably Art» can be viewed on the tape released by VHS Records.